Walter van Praag Avatar

Very friendly service, very popular restaurant, nice pizzas and other foods. Relatively prompt service given the crowds, but don't... read more

Walter van Praag 27/07/22
Chris Walker Avatar

Excellent pizzas cooked in an old sty pizza shop oven. Very popular, so be prepared to wait for your... read more

Chris Walker 18/07/22
DEC HEX Avatar

Normally reserve 5 star for the places that deserve it. Johns Pizza Bar was family friendly. We had Cheeseburgers, Chicken... read more

DEC HEX 12/07/22
Mark Huyser Avatar

Australia's 'most famous' pizza bar - John's does not let you down. If you can't find a pizza you like... read more

Mark Huyser 08/07/22
Joanna Avatar

Tasty pizza, garlic bread and salad. Reasonable prices. Quick, friendly service.👍🏻

Joanna 20/05/22
Monica Derrick Avatar

Pizza was delicious! Pastas were also brilliant. Definitely recommend this place. Had 3 meals here with the... read more

Monica Derrick 30/04/22
Colin Thompson Avatar

Close to the BEST pizza base I have ever had. Friendly staff and a good choice of food. More pepperoni... read more

Colin Thompson 18/04/22
George Sutton Avatar

Good selection of pizzas and food. The native range of pizzas is amazing. Some of the pizza were a bit... read more

George Sutton 11/04/22
Chicken Fingers Avatar

This is by far the best pizza I have ever had. The perfect relief after a long day of driving!... read more

Chicken Fingers 09/03/22
helen merchant Avatar

Awesome hospitality in the centre of Coober Peady’s Main Street. Great coffee & gigantic tasty pizzas!! This place is a... read more

helen merchant 06/03/22
Courtney Bren Avatar

Pasta- chicken con pollo. It was so tasty and delicious, for $20 it was 100% worth it.
The pizza would have...
read more

Courtney Bren 05/03/22
Brad Mays Avatar

Gotta say that the pizzas are very good. Huge variety to choose from. Great range of other foods. Highly recommend.

Brad Mays 23/01/22
Helen Di Domenico Avatar

So glad we decided to have lunch here while visiting. It was 42°C outside so we chose to dine in.... read more

Helen Di Domenico 21/12/21
Charli's Travels Avatar

I had the pepper steak, amazing. Steak was huge, pepper sauce was 5 star. Best pepper sauce I have... read more

Charli's Travels 30/09/21
Adrian McCrow Avatar

Wow. Awesome pizza, heaped with topping goodness and thin crispy base! Very reasonably priced given quality, size and location (Coober... read more

Adrian McCrow 22/09/21
Gladys Carlilli Avatar

Great pizzas with very generous amount of toppings. Very busy place with both tourists and locals, so advise to visit... read more

Gladys Carlilli 04/09/21
Lorraine Avatar

Friendly staff, very popular with locals and tourists. Great pizzas enjoyed with a nice red. No spirits but does wine,... read more

Lorraine 24/08/21
Amina G Avatar

Business is booming! If you're in Coober Pedy you've got to come here. John offers an extensive menu and has... read more

Amina G 25/07/21
Ross Woodford Avatar

A good place for quick meal or relaxed dining experience. Good selection on the menu, good pizza's and you can... read more

Ross Woodford 05/06/21
Wayne Johnston Avatar

The best pizza restaurant in South Australia - Just a trifle distant for most orders in the state! Excellent food,... read more

Wayne Johnston 23/05/21
MBelle Greg Avatar

Pizza is good and the garlic prawns with rice is also good but the wait is long. Queue up and... read more

MBelle Greg 16/05/21
Kerrie Avatar

We wanted to try the native pizzas here but were disappointed that there were out of Emu both days we... read more

Kerrie 08/05/21
Chelsea Sunderland Avatar

Loved it. Super busy as we visited over the Easter weekend but this was to be expected and was great... read more

Chelsea Sunderland 20/04/21
Abby Liu Avatar

very nice kangaroo & satay chicken pizzas, unfortunately out of emu. bit pricey. friendly staff. decor was pretty bare making... read more

Abby Liu 12/04/21
Satheendra Wickrama Surendra Avatar

Best food in Coober Pedy, pizza was great but the kitchen food was even better. Really good, we enjoyed a lot

Satheendra Wickrama Surendra 24/02/21
Dave Avatar

Top feed at a very good price. The meals are huge and very tasty and well cooked. Highly recommend 👍

Dave 30/01/21
David Maddison Avatar

We were really looking forward to our pizza after a big drive to Coober Pedy. The pizza looks impressive with... read more

David Maddison 25/01/21
Sonja Arnold Avatar

If you're visiting Coober Pedy this is definitely the place to go for pizza! They're massively under the pump and... read more

Sonja Arnold 01/01/21
Alexander Holt Avatar

Absolutely pumping, great service and great pizza, must have had 50 pizzas in front of me and only waited 20... read more

Alexander Holt 25/12/20
Liisa Grace Baun Avatar

Nice restaurant in this little town. Good service- catered to my dietary needs. Pizza had a nice crust. I wasn’t... read more

Liisa Grace Baun 15/10/20
Mel Wong Avatar

Fantastic! Had the Coat of Arms pizza with smoked roo & emu meat -- cooked to perfection. Best I've had... read more

Mel Wong 08/10/20
Dave Waples Avatar

Had tea there on Wednesday night - ordered the Yiros which I thought would have been fairly simple to prepare... read more

Dave Waples 08/10/20
Max W Avatar

Best food & friendly staff. Pizza and Yiros are must try options.

Max W 28/09/20
Nicci Bellaus Avatar

Amazing pizza, have one every time we overnight in Cooper Pedy. Recommend Johns pizza, it's reall6 good

Nicci Bellaus 24/09/20
Alex Carmichael Avatar

Great food and amazing staff.

Alex Carmichael 15/09/20
prabodha surendra Avatar

Food is great and the staff is very friendly. Good place for a bite.

prabodha surendra 14/09/20
Lingbo Avatar

Best food in the town!

Lingbo 13/09/20
Pavel Mačkors Avatar

The place to go!

Pavel Mačkors 11/09/20
Badass Barnett Avatar

Absolutely beautiful food

Badass Barnett 09/09/20
Emma Marshall Avatar

Fantastic lamb yiros at a good price, surprisingly good and cheap for this location. Pretty good service. They... read more

Emma Marshall 26/08/20
Rita Lambert Avatar

We had Johns pizza for tea..could not fault it , flavoursome toppings and crisp base..they even delivered it to our... read more

Rita Lambert 22/08/20
Rose Lei Avatar

Just picked up a variety of pizzas. Thin crust. Each as good as the other but I the seafood exceptional.... read more

Rose Lei 01/08/20
Linda Bridge Avatar

Great food, one of the best pizzas I have ever had, please try the spinach and fetta, amazing

Linda Bridge 15/07/20
Louise Tilley Avatar

Vegetarian pizza was delicious and service was great. Highly recommended

Louise Tilley 13/07/20
Ynai Porter Avatar

AHh-Mazing Pizza... Licenced venue... Lovely... Toilets available, dine in or takeaway... Good wine selection as well 👌

Ynai Porter 23/06/20
Rebekah Smart Avatar

Really yummy pizzas. Kind of a deep dish style. Was happily surprised to find quality pizzas in Coober Pedy. Definitely recommend!

Rebekah Smart 19/06/20
Nicole Gibbins Avatar

I have a salt sensitivity and this Pizza was the best Pizza I've had. Low salt and delicious in taste.... read more

Nicole Gibbins 15/06/20
Barry Stirling Avatar

Had one of his special g
pizzas and it was five star, will go there again on the way back.

Barry Stirling 16/03/20
Will Knott Avatar

The service was next to best. And the pizza tasted great! The best Pizza in the NT!!

Will Knott 14/01/20
John Hubner Avatar

Really good pizza and food.
One of the best restaurants in Coober Pedy. Would recommend.

John Hubner 31/12/19
Gourmet You Avatar

Amazing lamb pizza with tzatziki! And so helpful with the kids food intolerances

Gourmet You 22/12/19
Wikan Karis Basutama Avatar

Good pizza. They come in 3 sizes. We ordered the medium ones (12"). Great value. Highly recommended place to try... read more

Wikan Karis Basutama 14/12/19
Josephine Potts Avatar

Absolutely awesome. The Pizza is toooo good. Friendly staff, great service, even though they were really busy. Would... read more

Josephine Potts 24/10/19
William Abel Avatar

This place is totally amazing. Best pizza I have ever had in my life. If you ate ever up here... read more

William Abel 13/10/19
Chris Chenoweth Avatar

One of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. A true oasis from the heat in the beautifully cool restaurant.... read more

Chris Chenoweth 12/10/19
Greg Williamson Avatar

Worth the several day trip to get here. It's been 9 years since the last visit and it's still great.... read more

Greg Williamson 01/10/19
eerohei . Avatar

Good pizzas, they come in thick, U.S. style. They kindly served us (group of 35) beyond their normal closing time.

eerohei . 05/09/19
Maureen Donovan Avatar

Good food good prices lovely staff. We were advised to eat at a large busy establishment took one look turned... read more

Maureen Donovan 01/09/19
grahamj . Avatar

Some of the best pizza I ever ate. All the great reviews are justified. My garlic prawn pizza was generously... read more

grahamj . 28/08/19
grahamj Avatar

Some of the best pizza I ever ate. All the great reviews are justified. My garlic prawn pizza was generously... read more

grahamj 28/08/19
Cathy Myers Avatar

Absolutely the best pizza ever had. A busy night brilliantly catered. Highly recommended

Cathy Myers 26/08/19
Silvia Fabbi Avatar

We were here for a quick night stop in coober pedy and we were looking for something to grab. We... read more

Silvia Fabbi 13/08/19
Ashley Roberts Avatar

Yum! Pizzas are very good with unique combinations. Prices are fair and the staff were attentive and knowledgeable. The place... read more

Ashley Roberts 05/08/19
steving . Avatar

firstly the young waitress was very professional and friendly, the service we received was well above average. it was very... read more

steving . 30/07/19
steving Avatar

firstly the young waitress was very professional and friendly, the service we received was well above average. it was very... read more

steving 30/07/19
672emilt Avatar

5 star rating Best Pizza in Town Stayed at the Lookout Cave and got a 10% discount for dinner. John’s Special is still the best pizza in... read more

672emilt 30/07/19
Liam Rae-McLauchlan Avatar

Fast and friendly service. The portion sizes are huge! Great pizza and super tasty chicken parmi. Highly recommended. Prices aren't... read more

Liam Rae-McLauchlan 29/07/19
Dirk C Avatar

4 star rating Good after a long day We stopped in for a bite after the drive up from Port Agusta and the pizza was fast and filling,... read more

Dirk C 28/07/19
martypadams Avatar

2 star rating Disappointing Waited 40 minutes for dry, overcooked Mediterranean pizza. Bizarre, as the guy was checking the oven regularly - distracted? Two... read more

martypadams 27/07/19
SuzySass Avatar

5 star rating Great Selection 3 couples all raved about our pizzas.
A very busy night with a 20min wait but totally worth it.
We'll be back

SuzySass 26/07/19
Compass734714 Avatar

5 star rating pizza is so big and so good The pizza is sooo big it surprised us, plus it was an awesome pizza, great little place to visit, stop... read more

Compass734714 20/07/19
guy d Avatar

5 star rating Good value The range of pizza's here is fantastic. The pizzas are large and tasty. We got a large to share between... read more

guy d 19/07/19
very_andy Avatar

3 star rating Plan ahead for pizza Decided to go elsewhere when, on the first night, we were told at 6:30 there’d be a 2 hour wait.... read more

very_andy 17/07/19
AmongstMyselves Avatar

4 star rating Always a pleasure to dine at Johns They just do a very good pizza given the location and the other options available in Coober Pedy. Though they... read more

AmongstMyselves 15/07/19
Bloomfield_fam Avatar

3 star rating Average Don’t be in a hurry. Took about 30-40 mins for 1 pizza which was nothing to write home about. Just... read more

Bloomfield_fam 13/07/19
Katrina68 Avatar

4 star rating Chaos and good food Booked months in advance as we had visited before and knew that booking was a good idea. Even confirmed on... read more

Katrina68 13/07/19
Howard and Lind... B Avatar

5 star rating Very popular - for good reason. The restaurant was pretty close to where we stayed. We called in a couple of times for coffee during the... read more

Howard and Lind... B 12/07/19
Kylie P Avatar

5 star rating What a surprise! Visited here with my two boys and was surprised at the quality of pizza here! Definitely worth putting on your list

Kylie P 11/07/19
Julie V Avatar

5 star rating Great food all round We went a few times while staying at Coober Pedy and the food was amazing! Pizza was some of the... read more

Julie V 10/07/19
Suze Peach Avatar

Service was quick. Food was good. The young lady who served us was helpful. Liked it.

Suze Peach 08/07/19
832bretth Avatar

4 star rating Good pizza and other food Went in with hugh feedback from friends and food was good. Pizza were 9,12,18 inch options with plenty of other... read more

832bretth 08/07/19
Elizabeth Breakey Avatar

Great pizzas. Very busy in the evening - we took a card game and chilled, but returned a few... read more

Elizabeth Breakey 06/07/19
charlesbO7723QI Avatar

5 star rating Best pizza for 1000km Well it is the only pizza for 1000 Kms but still it is good. All our pizzas were crisp and... read more

charlesbO7723QI 06/07/19
PtDa Fool Avatar

I absolutely love the food and service here. Even though there were a couple of hiccups with the order,... read more

PtDa Fool 05/07/19
vickyburrows Avatar

5 star rating Lunch at Johns pizza Had the best warm chicken salad ever, was fresh, just enough dressing and very filling, would highly recommend Johns

vickyburrows 05/07/19
oztravel6 Avatar

4 star rating Great Pizzas in the Outback Generous fillings on the pizzas. Large variety of pizzas & pastas to choose from the menu. Friendly & prompt service.

oztravel6 27/06/19
CP1507 Avatar

5 star rating Yummy!! Best pizza we've had in a very long time. Rest of my extended family have eaten their pizza's and raved... read more

CP1507 24/06/19
Lisa1970red Avatar

5 star rating Still the best!!!! Consistently for years we come here once a year when we travel through never had a bad pizza!!
Over 9...
read more

Lisa1970red 23/06/19
Christossl Avatar

3 star rating Reasonably good Pizzas Good pizzas but not great as the advertising would suggest. Too many ingredients make them fussy and messy. But well... read more

Christossl 19/06/19
MarkV3479 Avatar

4 star rating Awesome pizza This is awesome pizza and was very busy on a Saturday night. We did wait nearly 40mins but turned out... read more

MarkV3479 16/06/19
lloydh689 Avatar

4 star rating Great food We had a Johns Special pizza, it was delicious with lots of toppings, we couldn't eat it all and needed... read more

lloydh689 15/06/19
melk323 Avatar

5 star rating Flat out but still smiling. We arrived at about 7pm and the line up was out the door. We chose to eat in and had... read more

melk323 14/06/19
JillM232 Avatar

3 star rating Lunch Had a salad here as we were advised this was a good place for lunch.
Salad was good, lots on...
read more

JillM232 12/06/19
GLW1941 Avatar

4 star rating Friendly A great place to stop and eat, very extensive menu, wine and beer as well. Had pizza and was blown... read more

GLW1941 05/06/19
Melissa Spratt Avatar

Great tasting pizzas. Friendly staff. And a good array of options. Being a very popular place to eat the wait... read more

Melissa Spratt 03/06/19
LeaSue1961 Avatar

5 star rating Yummy We were recommended to go and enjoyed our pepperoni pizza. They were very busy but had enough staff to cater... read more

LeaSue1961 03/06/19
Kieran M Avatar

5 star rating John's special Beautiful pizza and chocolate milkshake, very reasonably priced, and friendly and attentive service from the staff. We were allowed to... read more

Kieran M 01/06/19
Akshay Kumar Arya Avatar

One of the best Pizza I ever ate in my life.Crunchy & well cooked. 😊

Akshay Kumar Arya 29/05/19
nlcove Avatar

5 star rating Delicious Delicious pizza and great value. We enjoyed it the night we got it and the leftovers the next day! Yum!

nlcove 29/05/19
KJJulie Avatar

5 star rating Dinner in Coober Pedy Excellent food and service. Best pizza I have ever had. The owner needs to be commended for such a excellent... read more

KJJulie 28/05/19
Cr1ssy Avatar

3 star rating Disappointed We dined at John’s last week and had the pasta marinara and my partner and I loved it. We thought... read more

Cr1ssy 26/05/19
Bobbie S H Avatar

5 star rating A Night Out My husband, daughter and I went to JPB tonight. My husband got the meat lovers pizza, my daughter got the... read more

Bobbie S H 25/05/19
Wally194 Avatar

5 star rating Fantastic pizza Hard to believe this pizza place is so good in a place like Coober Pedy which is so isolated from... read more

Wally194 25/05/19
Laurie Moore Avatar

The pizzas were really good, the pasta was delicious, and the schnitzel was huge! We were happy to be in... read more

Laurie Moore 19/05/19
Tracey Mifsud Avatar

Biggest pizza ever. But even better than that - best pizza I have ever had. A long way to Coober... read more

Tracey Mifsud 19/05/19
veronica p Avatar

5 star rating Best Pizza If an eatery smells good from the outside it must serve good food. This was certainly the case at our... read more

veronica p 18/05/19
Edi B Avatar

5 star rating Best Pizza We are hungry and looking around for some budget restaurants... We found it and there is not much to say... read more

Edi B 16/05/19
H5573KJcindys Avatar

5 star rating Dinner We visited here for dinner on the recommendation of a friend. It was very busy and they did advise us... read more

H5573KJcindys 16/05/19
RAM125 Avatar

3 star rating Average steaks Really wanted a good steak, but my med rare came out med well. Not impressed, and all frozen veg. Pork... read more

RAM125 14/05/19
496clarae Avatar

5 star rating Review Well just had my first chicken parmigiana, absolutely delicious and filling all nice and fresh produce. Totally unexpected for the outback

496clarae 11/05/19
Anderst04 Avatar

4 star rating Great pizza Excellent pizza. The place was PACKED when we got there so the pizzas took a little while, but were worth... read more

Anderst04 09/05/19
Beth T Avatar

5 star rating Excellent food Pizza and ‘Kitchen food’ are all excellent. Fresh, tasty combinations served in a casual space with a relaxed atmosphere.
Staff are...
read more

Beth T 05/05/19
Phillip Hamilton Avatar

Pizza was delicious, and much more filling then expected. It was rather quick, though we got in before the rush.
read more

Phillip Hamilton 04/05/19
858suer Avatar

5 star rating Dinner with friends Hands down the BEST pizza I have ever eaten, I’m not kidding. This restaurant has a great variety of Pizzas.... read more

858suer 03/05/19
Phil P Avatar

2 star rating Overrated Heard so much about the place, mainly from ads, so was really disappointed. The base was very doughy and not... read more

Phil P 03/05/19
bluemanna Avatar

2 star rating Burnt offerings There was a time when John’s Pizza was the best pizza and pasta north of Adelaide right up to and... read more

bluemanna 30/04/19
Stephen D Avatar

5 star rating Very good value We had seafood which considering how far Coober Pedy is from the sea was really tasty and well prepared. Other... read more

Stephen D 30/04/19
Julia Avatar

Best value food in Coober Pedy! Pizzas are huge, all meals are generous. Prices are fair & certainly worth what... read more

Julia 28/04/19
apple_eve Avatar

5 star rating Yum!! Great pizzas. We tried the native pizza and it was delicious. Staff was friendly and service was quick considering how... read more

apple_eve 28/04/19
PipS176 Avatar

4 star rating Tour Guide review I’m a Tour Guide travelling Adelaide - Alice Springs and Alice Springs - Adelaide on a regular basis.
Some of the...
read more

PipS176 24/04/19
Lauralee M Avatar

4 star rating Yummo! Great food! However good idea to ring and order food ahead of time. We did this at 5pm & it... read more

Lauralee M 22/04/19
807trevorb Avatar

4 star rating Great food for a weary traveller What a great place to just kick back and enjoy the food. I had a Steal sandwich one night and... read more

807trevorb 16/04/19
234pennyg Avatar

5 star rating Pizza please A good choice , for a pizza they serve other meals too but most go for the pizza. Can be... read more

234pennyg 14/04/19
Teagan Alexander Avatar

Excellent pizzas. I almost always stop in Coober Pedy on my trips back and forth between the NT and SA... read more

Teagan Alexander 23/03/19
Yannie Aslamatzis Avatar

It was actually a great meal, had the tho He, was cooked to perfection , nice garden salad and chips... read more

Yannie Aslamatzis 23/03/19
Tim Grainger Avatar

As good a takeaway pizza as you’ll find in any big city. Granted, there’s not a a lot of competition... read more

Tim Grainger 09/03/19
familyGNZ Avatar

5 star rating The pizza smells and tastes great Nicest pizza I have eaten in years. Lots of tasty toppings, perfect texture of crust. The locals all told us... read more

familyGNZ 24/02/19
Nigel Tonkin Avatar

Best pizzas for 100's of klms. Its not Lygon st standard, but its in the middle of nowhere. Best food... read more

Nigel Tonkin 23/02/19
rjkinny Avatar

5 star rating Best pizza Dropped in here for lunch
Enjoyed a great flat white on soy coffee
Ordered marinara pizza on gluten free base

rjkinny 23/02/19
familyGNZ Avatar

5 star rating The pizza smells and tastes great Nicest pizza I have eaten in years. Lots of tasty toppings, perfect texture of crust. The locals all told us... read more

familyGNZ 23/02/19
rjkinny Avatar

5 star rating Best pizza Dropped in here for lunch
Enjoyed a great flat white on soy coffee
Ordered marinara pizza on gluten free base

rjkinny 22/02/19
Possum1234 Avatar

2 star rating Very average The pizza I had did not taste very nice. Certainly not Italian Gourmet Pizza !!
The service, too, was quite average.

Possum1234 18/02/19
Possum1234 Avatar

2 star rating Very average The pizza I had did not taste very nice. Certainly not Italian Gourmet Pizza !!
The service, too, was quite average.

Possum1234 17/02/19
pookybun Avatar

5 star rating Absolutely Fantastic We were travelling to Uluru from Adelaide and had two nights in Coober Pedy on the way up and another... read more

pookybun 14/02/19
pookybun p Avatar

5 star rating Absolutely Fantastic We were travelling to Uluru from Adelaide and had two nights in Coober Pedy on the way up and another... read more

pookybun p 13/02/19
SajjH Avatar

1 star rating Change the of the place Jhons pizza bar to Jhons pig shed. I ordered marinara pizza on Saturday 5 pm got that pizza burnt and taste horrible it’s not a human food... read more

SajjH 13/02/19
Jamie Hay Avatar

One of Australias top 10 pizza bars. The pizzas are fantastic, I'm also a big fan of their specialty Parmigianas.... read more

Jamie Hay 30/01/19
KC4GD Avatar

5 star rating Yummy! It’s true! This is one of the best pizza places in Australia. We went on a very hot day and... read more

KC4GD 21/01/19

I love Australia; it was a really, really nice. It's such a beautiful place. The people are beautiful - like,... read more

chloemartin33 Avatar

1 star rating Worst pizza I have ever eaten We visited with a large group expecting the 'amazing' pizza other reviews had said. While the customer service and atmosphere... read more

chloemartin33 18/01/19
JaneB567 Avatar

5 star rating Casual dining Had a great pizza here- inside and outside seating! Pizza, wine, beer- just the thing after a long day!

JaneB567 12/01/19
JaneB567 Avatar

5 star rating Casual dining Had a great pizza here- inside and outside seating! Pizza, wine, beer- just the thing after a long day!

JaneB567 11/01/19
minaw2017 Avatar

4 star rating Fast service and value for money Basic menu, but good size meals and prompt service. Quick and easy dinner for no fuss night. Recommend the fish burger!

minaw2017 31/12/18
Rosaleigh Morgan Avatar

Pre Xmas lunch with girlfriends and daughters lovely food lots of laughs great atmosphere very obliging staff. Full marks

Rosaleigh Morgan 27/12/18
Nick Marshall Avatar

Very affordable and great portion sizes, facilities to cater for vary large groups, and delicious ice cream.

Nick Marshall 22/12/18
305sophieh Avatar

2 star rating Greasy Arrived late in Coober Pedy and this was the only place still serving - it markets itself as 'open til... read more

305sophieh 21/12/18
Helen Webb Avatar

No health a safety for consumers as pizza artist does not use gloves or an apron.!!! No joking, we were... read more

Helen Webb 20/12/18
sharonfS5859PT Avatar

4 star rating Great pizza - well worth the previous reviews It was busy for a Sunday night and we didn't have to wait too long for our meals. We choose... read more

sharonfS5859PT 20/12/18
G150FLstevet Avatar

5 star rating Must place to eat in Cooper Pedy Very reasonably priced pizzas and excellent service. Indoor eat area is air conditioned to beat the outback heat. Must stop... read more

G150FLstevet 18/12/18
HHinMexico Avatar

4 star rating A nice place for dinner We had a large half and half pizza and spaghetti for our family of four with a few slices left... read more

HHinMexico 12/12/18
Johannes Sum Avatar

Good food and nice friendly people.

Johannes Sum 11/12/18
Skeney57 Avatar

4 star rating How Do You Pick from 33 Pizza Choices ? I spent more time picking my choice then it took to eat it ! A huge Menu of choice with... read more

Skeney57 06/12/18
Li Ning Loh Avatar

Definitely the best pizza in the area, though as some have mentioned - there are not many other alternatives. Still,... read more

Li Ning Loh 04/12/18
bagnallagencies Avatar

5 star rating Great Pizza Bar When travelling through Coober Pedy recently called into this place for a steak sanger, noticed the great pizzas, and kept... read more

bagnallagencies 02/12/18
Q6480SEscottb Avatar

5 star rating Supper Who would have thought you could get such a great pizza in such a small town. Great selection and even... read more

Q6480SEscottb 02/12/18
Jan T Avatar

4 star rating Good pizza Not a very special attractive place but there is not much choice in town. The pizza was good but the... read more

Jan T 25/11/18
Aussiebambi Avatar

5 star rating Yummmmmmm Great pizza with interesting topping choices. We really enjoyed them. The pizza with the roo and emu on it was... read more

Aussiebambi 20/11/18
aidenT Avatar

5 star rating Great pizza Only pizza shop in town but serves up great pizza. The sizes and toppings are generous. Well worth a quick bite.

aidenT 07/11/18
Sputty Avatar

3 star rating Not sure why everyone raves about this place? By regular standards, this place is good, but not great. No idea why everyone gets so worked up about it?... read more

Sputty 01/11/18
John Roche Avatar

Amazing pizza! Well worth the long drive.

John Roche 22/10/18
cleve house Avatar

Great size pizza and tasty too. Can expect to wait as it is a very popular place to eat out.

cleve house 21/10/18
podrozniczka60 Avatar

4 star rating Arguably the best pizza ever My family members ate pizza here many years ago in 2011 and bragged about its quality. So we decided to... read more

podrozniczka60 21/10/18
Georgia D Avatar

5 star rating Delicious We stopped in last night for a pizza and it was fantastic. Quick friendly service and delicious pizza!

Georgia D 19/10/18
BrendanP23 Avatar

5 star rating Some great pizza We stopped for the night in Coober Pedy and visited Johns on a recommendation. Outstanding pizza! We had the Coat... read more

BrendanP23 17/10/18
Amber M Avatar

4 star rating Yummy pizzas We enjoyed three small pizza between 2 adults and 3 young children. Pizzas were great, tasty and well cooked. Plenty... read more

Amber M 17/10/18
ALAN B Avatar

5 star rating A great place to eat Having been through Coober Pedy several times I always make sure that I have a meal here. Great choice of... read more

ALAN B 16/10/18
sntimm Avatar

5 star rating One for the night another one for the road We stopped at John's pizza on our way back from Uluru. Great pizza, service and prices. We were staying at... read more

sntimm 14/10/18
neverold333 Avatar

4 star rating As good a pizza as anywhere The pizza stop is usually quite busy as they serve great pizza and Italian dishes along with reasonably priced beer... read more

neverold333 14/10/18
niknorfolk Avatar

5 star rating Lovely Pizza Our expectations were high due to the awards this place has received - they are well deserved. Fantastic pizza.

niknorfolk 12/10/18
Scott Scooter W Avatar

4 star rating To Hot To Cook Decided pizza was the easiest, so we went to Johns.
There is a good variety of pizza amongst other types of...
read more

Scott Scooter W 12/10/18
Sue R Avatar

4 star rating Dinner for two This place was highly recommend by a few people. We walked in about 6.30 pm to a very busy restaurant.... read more

Sue R 08/10/18
Travelwise1267 Avatar

1 star rating Sooooo overrated... Very disappointed. All we heard about for our first 2 days in town was “John’s pizzas”. We should’t have listened......
read more

Travelwise1267 06/10/18
jennynjames Avatar

4 star rating Great pizzas This is a very popular venue (and deserves to be so!) We had a very long wait (1 and 1/2.hours)but... read more

jennynjames 03/10/18
Jackie K Avatar

5 star rating Delicious, top service, Top Pizza! Absolutely worth the wait- (school hol holiday peak time) Pizza & burgers were delicious & the staff so friendly. Definitely... read more

Jackie K 03/10/18
Daryl P Avatar

5 star rating Don’t miss this place In every city or town you visit, well meaning folk will direct you to local attractions that ought not be... read more

Daryl P 01/10/18
Melitta Hoskins Avatar

Unfortunately we turned up for the night that they ran out of pizza for the first time ever! We can't... read more

Melitta Hoskins 30/09/18
belindamagnano Avatar

4 star rating Pizza Good food and affordable. Get in early as there may be a wait. Friendly staff. Don’t like the loo’s so... read more

belindamagnano 30/09/18
sueoakl Avatar

5 star rating Excellent Pizza was just fantastic. Very clean shop, pleasant staff. Would definitely recommend John’s Pizza bar

sueoakl 28/09/18
emilyoc2018 Avatar

4 star rating Nice place !! Had a good time there, food is nice !!! Place was clean, staff was pleasant, pizza was really nice !

emilyoc2018 28/09/18
Bettytay68 Avatar

1 star rating Terrible pizza, garlic bread and service. I phoned thru an order was told it would be 30-35 minutes. Arrived after 30 minutes and it was not... read more

Bettytay68 25/09/18
versado Avatar

5 star rating Great spot with excellent selection of food and good prices! I was nicely surprised stopping there to have lunch (not a pizza as I'm not a fan, but I was... read more

versado 24/09/18
roz242018 Avatar

5 star rating Food Delicious pizza, with a gluten free option and friendly staff. Definitely go back for dinner when we're in Coober Pedy

roz242018 22/09/18
Adrian C Avatar

3 star rating Good not great Hyped up Pizza Bar in Coober Pedy top 10 in Australia, not likely. Pizza was average at best, unique flavor... read more

Adrian C 21/09/18
Michelle L Avatar

4 star rating Yum! Great service! Awesome pizza! We had a takaway but it was a busy Tuesday evening and there is a dine... read more

Michelle L 15/09/18
Peter G Avatar

4 star rating Good pizzas and a great atmoshpere. If you spend more than one night in Coober Pedy, and I strongly recommend that you do, then you'll end... read more

Peter G 13/09/18
milane haran Avatar

Good place to get together and meet the local people. Food is reasonable plus.

milane haran 04/09/18
Louise R Avatar

4 star rating Good Pizza in AlFresco Setting We had both dinner and breakfast here. Very good staff, great pizza and good hours. There's an outdoor seating area... read more

Louise R 04/09/18
shottonc6 Avatar

5 star rating Great Pizza Terrific thin crust pizza with a varied range of toppings to suit all tastes. Generous serves for the prices.

shottonc6 30/08/18
Bok C Avatar

5 star rating Coat of Arms Pizza is legendary Where else in the world can you have Emu & Kangaroo on the same pizza?

Why would you risk missing...
read more

Bok C 25/08/18
Vince Hebbard Avatar

Good selection of food. Good service. Reasonable prices. Better than I expected in The Outback.

Vince Hebbard 24/08/18
sarah b Avatar

5 star rating Excellent weeknight visit We arrived in a Monday and found that many of the town's restaurants were closed. This place was doing really... read more

sarah b 21/08/18
Brad F Avatar

5 star rating Delicious Delicious and tasty pizza. Dine in or takeaway. 1 large pizza fed our family of 4. Lots of different toppings available.

Brad F 19/08/18
Libby Adcock Avatar

Undeniably the best pizza joint in the area. That, however, doesn’t say a lot, especially considering the lack of alternatives.... read more

Libby Adcock 18/08/18
Keith W Avatar

4 star rating Very good pizza We tried the Mediterranean lamb pizza and thought it was quite tasty , if in Coober Pedy again we would... read more

Keith W 13/08/18
FoodieGray Avatar

4 star rating Great place for dinner Great place for a family dinner stop. We stopped there on our way north. Good chips and pizza, indoor and... read more

FoodieGray 12/08/18
Rhonda N Avatar

5 star rating Road Kill Pizza! Anything you want on a pizza, it's available - emu / kangaroo + your usual toppings. Gluten free pizza was great

Rhonda N 08/08/18
spain122018 Avatar

5 star rating Quality Best food in town. They show respect and great customer service. Great job guys will be comming back

spain122018 08/08/18
kklomp Avatar

4 star rating Johns Pizza Restaurant Coiner Pedy Pizzas are great. More topping than any other pizza place. Because they're so topped up the price is a bit... read more

kklomp 07/08/18
Libby Adcock Avatar

Undeniably the best pizza joint in the area. That, however, doesn’t say a lot, especially considering the lack of alternatives.... read more

Libby Adcock 05/08/18

2 star rating Not what we expected from reviews. Polo chicken had deli chicken not chunks and the sauce was not creamy Rosa but canned peeled tomatoes. Partner had... read more

GEORGINA S 05/08/18
Oldjack Avatar

2 star rating Not From Naples The pizza was not one inspired by those in Naples sadly and the service also failed to be acceptable with... read more

Oldjack 04/08/18
Jenny G Avatar

1 star rating Billed as fantastic, experienced as a flop. My husband and I went to John's pizza bar in July 2018. It was a weekday but absolutely packed around... read more

Jenny G 04/08/18
clinton u Avatar

5 star rating Excellent meals Was in town for night and went on recommendation. Great meals with plenty of options for all tastes. Garlic bread... read more

clinton u 03/08/18
Julian Dunmurphy Avatar

I'm staking my reputation on the next statement. You will not find a better pizza for 500kms in any direction.... read more

Julian Dunmurphy 31/07/18
Leoni972 Avatar

4 star rating Mmm Great pizza, delicious taste, crisp base , Lots of toppings to choose from, big pizza for the dollars paid- good... read more

Leoni972 27/07/18
Judy Wishart Avatar

The best pizza ever. And I mean ever. Well done guys. We'd come back just fir the pizza.

Judy Wishart 24/07/18
Nikki N Avatar

5 star rating Great pizza and pasta Didn’t have a booking but that was no problem at all, very busy but service was great. Staff very happy... read more

Nikki N 18/07/18
gm1845 Avatar

5 star rating Great Variety of service of meals & drinks. Fantastic choice of menu & drinks including a wide range of SA wines. Kids love the Coca Cola branded soft... read more

gm1845 18/07/18
Libby Adcock Avatar

Undeniably the best pizza joint in the area. That, however, doesn’t say a lot, especially considering the lack of alternatives.... read more

Libby Adcock 17/07/18
Libby Adcock Avatar

Undeniably the best pizza joint in the area. That, however, doesn’t say a lot, especially considering the lack of alternatives.... read more

Libby Adcock 16/07/18
Jennifer B Avatar

3 star rating Late lunch Nice lunch in centre of town but service slow. Recommend the lamb yiros. Pasta and pizza very popular.

Jennifer B 16/07/18
Ron van Velzen Avatar

Excellent,tasty and really good value. Great staff and atmosphere. Highly recommend eating here

Ron van Velzen 15/07/18
Igor Tyshchenko Avatar

Must try for people passing by. Large range of options, good prices. Marvelous pizza!

Igor Tyshchenko 14/07/18
Sprat72 Avatar

4 star rating Great place to eat! Was very busy the night we ate at John’s.
The staff were great though and pizzas lovely
No accessible toilet hence...
read more

Sprat72 14/07/18
Karen A Avatar

5 star rating This is the place. Wow, great food. Large pizza will feed an entire family at a very reasonable price. Great staff. Sooo many people... read more

Karen A 13/07/18
Trent J Avatar

5 star rating Amazing pizza Brilliant pizza after a long drive highly recommend stopping in and having dinner. Sevice was quick especially with over a... read more

Trent J 11/07/18
Michael Woodward Avatar

Everyone raves about this place. Food is great, certainly very busy! Be prepared for a bit of a wait of... read more

Michael Woodward 09/07/18
hogiebear33 Avatar

5 star rating Great pizza in the desert! This place was rated in the Australian top ten pizzerias back in the day! It wouldn't make it now but... read more

hogiebear33 09/07/18
MelanyJM Avatar

5 star rating Omgosh!!! These pizzas are HUGE and really delicious. The large size would easily feed a family of four, loads of toppings... read more

MelanyJM 08/07/18
Leanne B Avatar

5 star rating Delicious lunch in the outback We ordered a meat lovers & the coat of arms pizzas. Both were incredible! Delicious with generous toppings. The coat... read more

Leanne B 07/07/18
campbellk1963 Avatar

1 star rating Johns pizza Restaurant Coober Pedy Thoroughly disgusted, booked in advance for 10 people on a Friday night. Turn up yes we have your booking but... read more

campbellk1963 07/07/18
Dojii Avatar

4 star rating Good filling tucker Great fillings and flavours on our large "Coat of Arms" pizza. Very popular place with staff working hard to keep... read more

Dojii 06/07/18
Richard-Canberra Avatar

3 star rating More than Pizza Although called a Pizza Bar it does house a pizza and Italian fare restaurant. Food is good and hearty. Service... read more

Richard-Canberra 05/07/18
melanielaurahilton Avatar

5 star rating Pizza Excellent pizza with very generous serving! Bought three large pizzas to share between 7 people. Had 3/4 of a pizza... read more

melanielaurahilton 04/07/18
lizzieclayton Avatar

5 star rating Yummy Had dinner here. Each of the four of us had something different and all fantastic. Big serves. Best garlic bread... read more

lizzieclayton 04/07/18
Quentin Hornhardt Avatar

Great service. Pizzas were excellent. Great range of choices. Really enjoyed the visit h

Quentin Hornhardt 03/07/18
taniamann Avatar

5 star rating Amazing Pizza This pizza bar definitely lives up to their reputation. Fantastic pizza's and friendly staff. Gets very busy so book a... read more

taniamann 02/07/18
jim nicholas Avatar

Popular spot. Good service and the pizza was good. When busy can be a bit of a wait to get food.

jim nicholas 01/07/18
Joanne Lane Avatar

Best pizza. We were at caravan park, that hunger we half folded the rooftop tent down and crept into town.... read more

Joanne Lane 01/07/18
Darren R Avatar

4 star rating Great food and service Visited on the end of the Opal Festival. Service was quick and food was very tasty. Would recommend to any family.

Darren R 30/06/18
rainbowlorikeet Avatar

5 star rating Cheerful service and good food We ate at John’s the two nights we stayed in Coober Pedy. Nice pizzas, great schnitzel - even the half... read more

rainbowlorikeet 28/06/18

5 star rating Outstanding quality pizzas We had the spinach and feta, as well as the salmon pizza.

As good as any gourmet pizza we have had...
read more

Crystalline4u Avatar

3 star rating Quite busy This restaurant offers a really diverse menu ... staff are lovely and they are all running around in this busy... read more

Crystalline4u 22/06/18
Leannamarie63 Avatar

5 star rating Great recommendation from Desert Cave Hotel Arrived late via a bus & walked with luggage to Desert Cave Hotel & checked in. Asked where we could... read more

Leannamarie63 20/06/18
Jon W Avatar

5 star rating Delicious pizzas and prompt service. We dined in here recently. It is a very busy restaurant with a high turnover which made us feel very... read more

Jon W 19/06/18
Chae C Avatar

5 star rating Yummy fresh food! We had lunch here twice and a takeaway pizza for tea during our 2 day stay in Coober Pedy and... read more

Chae C 19/06/18
65annmarie Avatar

4 star rating Where the locals eat and tourists in the know.. Food is limited in Coober Pedy so choices are slim. We had pizza and it was very good. Wish we... read more

65annmarie 19/06/18
Loi J Avatar

4 star rating Good choice for dinner A busy spot for locals and visitors. Good range in the menu. We had meat lovers pizza, pasta dish and... read more

Loi J 17/06/18
Gwen G Avatar

4 star rating Nice pizzas It was a very busy evening in the restaurant though we were still served our meals in good time. Pizzas... read more

Gwen G 16/06/18
Mark Y Avatar

5 star rating Delicious The pizza and garlic pizza were delicious. We heard about john's on trip advisor and from visitors and locals alike... read more

Mark Y 15/06/18