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John Pizza Bar
Alexandra Mann Avatar

5 star rating   Being gluten, dairy, onion and garlic intolerant I was NOT expecting to be accommodated in such a small town!! Was... read more

Alexandra Mann 16/03/18
Alice Springs CFC Avatar

5 star rating   Sensational.

The service was friendly.

The food was delicious.

I highly recommend the pizza

Alice Springs CFC 08/03/18
Kellie Smith Avatar

5 star rating   Best pizzas on the planet! Never leave Coober without one! �

Kellie Smith 07/03/18
Tanya Gilbert Avatar

5 star rating   Best pizza, best lasagne and best coffee, with great service what more could you ask for

Tanya Gilbert 22/02/18
John Thomas Avatar

5 star rating   Great variety of food with some of the largest pizza’s I have ever laid eyes upon! My personal favourite is... read more

John Thomas 20/01/18
Paul Howard Avatar

5 star rating   Can't go past the Spartan pizza and the 500g rump cooked to perfection every time.

Value for money and quality food.

Always... read more

Paul Howard 09/01/18
Marcus Reynolds Avatar

5 star rating   Best pizza/pasta and house wine in Australia

Been fan for many years

Marcus Reynolds 04/01/18
Glenn Croft Avatar

4 star rating   The pizzas seem ok. Their coat of arms pizza is something a little different and gives adventurers an opportunity to... read more

Glenn Croft 01/01/18
Geoff Reeves Avatar

5 star rating   Awesome pizza, travelled from Darwin just to get it ���

Geoff Reeves 10/12/17
Lawry Chippy Wood Avatar

5 star rating   We had the coat of arms and the spartan. Absolute treat even took the left overs in a take away... read more

Lawry Chippy Wood 03/12/17
Kelly Malloy Avatar

5 star rating   We ended up randomly catching up with two other travelling families we met in Uluru at John's Pizza and we... read more

Kelly Malloy 11/11/17
Cathy Aktanarowicz Avatar

4 star rating   Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and tasty food in such an amazing town�

Cathy Aktanarowicz 26/10/17
Sue Allmond Avatar

5 star rating   Great place to eat after a long days driving. Coat of arms pizza and garlic bread were delicious.

Thanks guys

Sue Allmond 12/10/17
Roshelle Smith Avatar

5 star rating   Awesome food, people and service, this is our second time back as we travel through, I would recommend this place... read more

Roshelle Smith 09/10/17
Brendon Newley Avatar

5 star rating   � good outback pizza for a good outback price. Loved it!

Brendon Newley 30/09/17
Gaynor Berg Avatar

5 star rating   Great place to eat.... good food

friendly staff... and pristine premises.. will be back... thankyou...

Gaynor Berg 29/09/17
Mike King Avatar

5 star rating   Great food in one of the most remote harsh but spectacular towns in Australia maybe the world ,

Went twice in... read more

Mike King 19/09/17
Amelia Thompson Avatar

1 star rating   Worse BBQ chicken pizza ever. Might aswell call it capsicum pizza �

Amelia Thompson 16/09/17
Edi Brandli Avatar

5 star rating   When in Coober Pedy and you are hungry or very hungry... John's Pizza Bar is just the place you want... read more

Edi Brandli 08/09/17
Jo-Anne Griggs Avatar

5 star rating   Great table service good food. Coat of Arms pizza excellent. Thanks guys

Jo-Anne Griggs 07/09/17
Jean Graham Bowell Avatar

5 star rating   Pizza's were absolutely amazing! See you again on our next trip up south�

Jean Graham Bowell 30/08/17
Marilyn Baker Avatar

5 star rating   Great food excellent service� thank you boys���

Marilyn Baker 30/08/17
Karren Baehnisch Avatar

5 star rating   We were here last night and enjoyed the food we are back tonight before we move on. Thank you to... read more

Karren Baehnisch 29/08/17
Kevin Westcott Avatar

5 star rating   Food was awesome but be warned serves are massive. But wow, so fresh and tasteful. We certainly over indulged on... read more

Kevin Westcott 26/08/17
Janet Craker Avatar

3 star rating   We were there yesterday, had to wait a while but food was good 😊 although I agree the cups are... read more

Janet Craker 20/08/17
Kim Cousin Avatar

5 star rating   Best pizza ever great service biggest cheese burger for the kids third time there definitely go back again

Kim Cousin 17/08/17
Wendy N Jeff Underwood Avatar

5 star rating   The best pizza � ever. Just a shame it's such along way from home.

Wendy N Jeff Underwood 07/08/17
John Hubner Avatar

5 star rating   Best Pizza in Coober Pedy, always eat here when passing through!!

John Hubner 20/07/17
Yolande Markey Avatar

5 star rating   Great pizza and pasta and the best Dianne sauce I have tasted

Yolande Markey 18/07/17
Chris Brown Avatar

5 star rating   Awesome evening! Amazing pizza and salad! Lives up to everything we read and everything the locals told us!

Chris Brown 13/07/17
Pam Malbon Avatar

4 star rating   Meat lover pizza great . Hamburger with the lot today had no salad, but was still nice!!

Pam Malbon 13/07/17
Wayne De Nardi Avatar

4 star rating   A big thumbs-up for the Coat of Arms pizza.

Wayne De Nardi 20/06/17
James Sleight Avatar

5 star rating   Just enjoyed the "John's Special" with Alley and yes it was excellent. Not sure how they could have fitted another... read more

James Sleight 15/06/17
Leanne Harding Avatar

2 star rating   Sorry to say, but it was tbe worst coffee and cake ever. Throw those stupid little cups away, no male... read more

Leanne Harding 08/06/17
Courtney Esposito Avatar

5 star rating   Spartan Pizza.� Amazing!! Thanks to the friendly staff and great service.

Courtney Esposito 01/06/17
Alex Gillespie Avatar

4 star rating   Reasonably priced meal, clean, personal service. Enjoyed.

Alex Gillespie 28/05/17
Greg Hill Avatar

5 star rating   I'm in Coober Pedy every 4 weeks and always eat at Johns pizza never been let down yet great food... read more

Greg Hill 17/05/17
Peter Donaldson Avatar

1 star rating   I had the worst experience today at John's pizza bar. Actually my worst experience in ten years of being here.... read more

Peter Donaldson 03/05/17
Rj Leggat Williams Avatar

1 star rating   Not much to say about this place not worth the high prices or the hassle from the locals

Rj Leggat Williams 26/04/17
Bec Ekin Smith Avatar

5 star rating   We travelled through here twice recently and went back for more, waited awhile but they were incredibly busy-but the pizza... read more

Bec Ekin Smith 15/04/17
Amy Sweeney Avatar

5 star rating   We went there twice in a day and it was amazing both times. Thank you so much for your amazing... read more

Amy Sweeney 08/04/17
Ben Liebelt Avatar

5 star rating   Awesome pizza - a very pleasant surprise !!!

Ben Liebelt 09/02/17
Cindy M Williams Avatar

5 star rating   We ordered the 500gr rump.... even though they were crazy busy the meals came super quick and we're absolutely perfectly... read more

Cindy M Williams 02/01/17
Kerryn Kohler Avatar

5 star rating   Absolutely yummy! Our go to everytime we pass through!

Kerryn Kohler 20/12/16
Evalyn Piao Avatar

1 star rating   Seriously food poisoning!

We been recently traveled to Coober Pedy.

The hotel manager recommended the to us!

Six of us ordered 3 sets... read more

Evalyn Piao 07/12/16
Daz Derada Avatar

4 star rating   I had a great meal pizza of course the only downside was the emu ran out oops I mean they... read more

Daz Derada 11/10/16
Sarah Kelly Avatar

4 star rating   The service was fast, efficient and friendly. The choice extensive and the pizza delicious! The while family enjoyed it!

Sarah Kelly 06/10/16
Matthew Aitken Avatar

5 star rating   here overnight awesome pizza and service couple of cold ones and great feed ! #ridetotheheart

Matthew Aitken 05/10/16
Wendy Skwirowski Avatar

5 star rating   Heard that the pizzas were the best and must agree with everyone! Yummo!

Wendy Skwirowski 05/10/16
Marzelos Papazoglou Avatar

5 star rating   Great Pizza and great people. Need to come out to Melb to teach a few how to make pizza!

Marzelos Papazoglou 26/09/16
Manmeet Singh Avatar

5 star rating   Must visit if in Coober Pedy.... Large Pizza serves 6.....

Manmeet Singh 26/09/16
Nyantara Gearon Avatar

5 star rating   Loved it, neat little spot, incredible food. Highly recommend stopping in.

Nyantara Gearon 17/09/16
Warren Bulmer Avatar

5 star rating   The best pizza I have had in a long time. Gluten free is the best.

Warren Bulmer 30/08/16
Ryan Williams Avatar

5 star rating   Best Pizza ever loved it.

Ryan Williams 27/08/16
Lisa Kellow Avatar

5 star rating   Best food ever! Hubby loved the pizza.......I had a yiros was absolutely beautiful! Will be back!

Lisa Kellow 10/07/16
Marg McMahon Avatar

5 star rating   Did not have a pizza but loved my hamburger and glass of wine!

Marg McMahon 01/07/16
Leonie Eric Bradley Avatar

5 star rating   Delicious food. Fresh and very generous serving size. Great place to eat

Leonie Eric Bradley 29/06/16
Samantha Coughlan Avatar

5 star rating   We came in with 95 students tonight and could not be more pleased with the service and quality of food!... read more

Samantha Coughlan 26/06/16
Aaron Carroll Avatar

5 star rating   Highly recommend this place to anyone, top pizza, cold drinks and friendly service with a traditional Italian flare... Exactly what's... read more

Aaron Carroll 07/06/16
Belinda E-f Avatar

5 star rating   Must stop in here for the Coat of Arms pizza and fabulous air con!

Belinda E-f 06/06/16
Karen Coster Avatar

5 star rating   Pizza fabulous especially John's special and Spartan.

Karen Coster 05/06/16
Lyall Rattley Avatar

1 star rating   Have the pizza because the burger was shit....

Homebrand pattie and no beetroot....


Lyall Rattley 26/05/16
Megan McCormick Avatar

5 star rating   Fabulous pizza, lovely service. Perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner on the way through Coober Pedy. Will be... read more

Megan McCormick 21/04/16
Paul Barclay Avatar

5 star rating   I can honestly say, best pizza I have ever eaten. Wish John had a store here in Alice Springs.... read more

Paul Barclay 03/04/16
Kathleen Robinson Avatar

5 star rating   Fantastic service best pizza must visit when your in cooper

Kathleen Robinson 09/02/16
Dee McCallum Avatar

4 star rating   I had the emu pizza and it was delicious would recommend highly

Dee McCallum 26/10/15
Carolyn Robertson Avatar

5 star rating   Awesome santorini and John had pizza ever

Carolyn Robertson 21/09/15
Alison Rodgers Avatar

5 star rating   We have eaten here for both nights of our star. When the winds blew today we decided to go back... read more

Alison Rodgers 11/08/15
Ambalee Goodsir Avatar

4 star rating   Massive meals! Good service, would definitely come back 🙂

Ambalee Goodsir 08/08/15
Tom Borkowskis Avatar

5 star rating   Pizza was good. Beer was cold. Awesome.

Tom Borkowskis 06/07/15
Anne Harries Avatar

5 star rating   Just had an amazing steak here, would definitely recommend it and come back again if I ever come to Coober... read more

Anne Harries 10/06/15
Andrew Smith Avatar

5 star rating   Only 2500km to eat here each year and well worth it!!! 3 times in 12 mths and perfect each time.

Andrew Smith 10/06/15
Alicia Bloom Avatar

5 star rating   Delicious and not too pricey. Will stop here again if ever passing through

Alicia Bloom 06/06/15
Joyce Soh Avatar

5 star rating   Yummy pizzas, get a discount when you show your apartment keys!

Joyce Soh 06/06/15
Gavin Nias Avatar

5 star rating   Good as pizza that you would get in Sydney. Must try it if you are in Coober Pedy.

Gavin Nias 05/06/15
Saki Mavros Avatar

5 star rating   Been there so many times fantastic people , fantastic food Yiasas Pethia

Saki Mavros 05/06/15
Jezza Marjanovic Avatar

5 star rating   They don't make cabbage rolls but I forgive them..

Jezza Marjanovic 05/06/15
Jordan Day Avatar

5 star rating   Divinia! 😀 Amazing in every way! Easily the best pizza I have had the pleasure to have devoured. xo

Jordan Day 13/04/15
Phil Gardiner Avatar

5 star rating   Delicious veal parma with Johns special topping with salad & chips also the plain veal parma was delicious. Service... read more

Phil Gardiner 07/04/15
Lucy Francesca Avatar

3 star rating   Had dinner at John's last night and was disappointed, i'd been told by my hotel and various travellers that it... read more

Lucy Francesca 07/03/15
Mick Augustyn Avatar

4 star rating   Just had a Caesar salad was gr8 wife had a chicken yiros young bloke had a hamburger... read more

Mick Augustyn 19/02/15
Juan Marc Avatar

5 star rating   Excellent service acceptable pizza given where we are! Didn't meet the manager but the staff was friendly as

Juan Marc 29/12/14
Dale Moffatt Avatar

5 star rating   We weren't expecting much when we arrived, but the service, portions and pizza we're excellent, could not fault it.... read more

Dale Moffatt 05/12/14
Julie Wilks Avatar

3 star rating   Came here for dinner last night and the John's Special pizza was amazing... But the carbonara pasta was average... The... read more

Julie Wilks 06/11/14
Elle Yeates Avatar

5 star rating   Delicious !

Elle Yeates 26/10/14
Tiffany Stewart Avatar

5 star rating   Love the pizza and the friendly staff. Great place to eat. The snitzels were huge!!

Tiffany Stewart 23/10/14
Lynda Stevenson Avatar

5 star rating   Great pizza, great service. Might have to come back tonight and try the pasta. Would recommend anyone coming to Coober... read more

Lynda Stevenson 27/08/14
Jeanette May Peters Avatar

5 star rating   Just had a t bone steak., chips and salad. Yum.

Jeanette May Peters 17/08/14
Angel N Akarana Avatar

5 star rating   Best pizza in SA well Australia

Angel N Akarana 30/07/14
Linda Grant Avatar

4 star rating   We really enjoyed the Coat of Arms Pizza- great combination of flavours and not overloaded with cheese.

Linda Grant 10/07/14
Diane Hines Avatar

5 star rating   Best pizzas in oz,friendly staff and best service ever

Diane Hines 22/06/14
Christine Clothier Avatar

5 star rating   E xcellent service even under pressure. Definatly recommend .

Christine Clothier 19/05/14
Garry Kearns Avatar

5 star rating   Great pizza reasonable prices it's not Domino's people

Garry Kearns 19/05/14
Cris Xue Avatar

4 star rating   I'm not here now,because I'm in China.

Cris Xue 02/03/14
Holly Moir Avatar

5 star rating   Great food!

Holly Moir 26/02/14
Leone Wignall Avatar

5 star rating   We had the best ever pizza last night at Johns Pizza Bar in Coober Pedy... from the native pizza range... read more

Leone Wignall 15/02/14
Graham Wilfred Jnr Avatar

5 star rating   I'm in this shop and eating the pizzas.And I say.They taste so good make you wanna slap your mama lol.If... read more

Graham Wilfred Jnr 11/10/13
Victor Glanville Avatar

4 star rating   Absolutely lovely Penne Boscaiola. I could recommend this to any fussy eaters out there. Service is great wine list is... read more

Victor Glanville 12/06/13
Judith Small Avatar

5 star rating   sounds like a great place ....

Judith Small 23/10/11